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How two “free trial” products helped me lose 45 pounds in 12 weeks

My name is Angelina and I'm excited to tell you about my weight loss story. It didn't take a nutritionist or a personal trainer for me to lose weight. I'm just a mom who lives in Tampa, Florida who finally figured out something that the diet industry doesn't want us to know (do you have any idea how much money they make every year?!?). I hope my story inspires you to take control of your own life and achieve your dreams like I did. You don't have to kill yourself with exercise and you don't have to starve yourself. I promise you it's possible to lose 19 pounds in just one month and even lose a full 45 pounds in 12 weeks. If I can do it, anyone can!

Here are snapshots of me before and after. All it took was 2 free trial products, one called Acai Balance and the other was called Core Cleanse.




After (45 pounds lighter!)

This is my story:

I had my beautiful son Griffin four years ago. I worked very hard to get rid of those 16 pounds of baby weight. But the second pregnancy with my daughter Alicia was so much harder. I gained nearly 40 pounds and no matter what I couldn't get it off. I exercised and starved myself and even wore MBT shoes and I couldn't lose the weight. A few days after I gave up on Abgone , I was shopping for new clothes with my friends when I saw myself in the dressing room mirror and I realized I was really overweight. Nothing I tried on could disguise the baby fat.

My friend asked me what was wrong and I realized how unhappy with my body I really was. With all the work that came with the new baby and the exercise I hadn't even been able to slow down to consider the way I felt about myself. I knew I wanted it to change but I just didn't know how.

How watching TV changed my life

It's not quite true that Oprah saved my life. But I'm sure that if I hadn't had the TV on while I was folding laundry I never would've seen Dr. Oz talk about the new superfood and I'd still be fat.

Dr. Oz was talking about a new berry from the Amazon jungle called Acai. (He pronounced it ah–SIGH–ee). This berry is way more powerful than pomegranate juice, or red wine, or even blueberries. Tastes better, too. But what really interested me was the way Dr. Oz explained that Acai helps you lose weight by reducing your hunger and raising your energy levels. Now, I thought Acai was the dieting help I'd needed all along. And I knew because he was on Oprah's show that Dr. Oz wasn't some shady doctor. Acai was definitely on the up and up. Keep in mind, this was just a few days after I gave up on Abgone , so I was feeling expecially skeptical.

I called my mom and she told me Dr. Oz was going to be on another show the very next day. Well, I tuned in and I saw Dr. Oz talking about how cleansing your colon is a great way to lose unwanted weight. I don't know the medical details exactly but he talked about how years worth of junk and stuff get trapped in your colon and become toxic. It builds up thick and nasty like tar and it even makes your tummy bulge.

You can do all the sit–ups and exercise you want but it just won't leave. (I think that's partially why all that exercise didn't help me.) Dr. Oz said that cleansing out the goo would help to shed stubborn pounds that exercise can't help.

That's when I got the idea for the weight loss combo. What if I tried both Acai and a colon cleanse at the same time? Would it help me create a super–effective diet?

My super–effective dead–simple diet

I wasn't sure that my idea was going to work. (If it was so simple and easy to lose weight, why hadn't someone else tried it? I didn't want to throw good money after bad – not in this economy! I spent a few days searching on the Internet and found two great free trials to test out.

The two products I found, and still use today, are Acai Balance and Core Cleanse.

If you've tried fad diets which didn't work for you, I recommend this instead. It worked for me!

Here's “Angelina's Dead Simple Diet” for you to try:

Step 1:

Acai Balance is the first and most important part of my daily routine. I'm sure you've seen information on TV lately about Acai: on CNN, on Oprah, on 60 Minutes – just about everywhere. Even Dr. Perricone has talked about how great Acai is.

If it was good enough for Dr. Perricone, I figured it was sure to work for me. Here's how this Acai product works for me:

  • Acai is a food that helps my metabolism make more energy (who doesn't need more energy?)
  • After taking the supplement I don't get hungry – because Acai suppresses the appetite
  • It's a good detoxification so my immune system is stronger so I can shrug off colds, sniffles and even the flu
  • Since I started using Acai my HDL (bad) cholesterol has gone down, according to my doctor, which is great
  • I don't need coffee anymore because Acai gives me energy. And I save money!

I got a free trial of Acai Balance and it's great because I just take one capsule before each meal. I don't have to worry about anything else. This would've made a difference in my life but it got much better when I combined it with Step 2.

Step 2:

Core Cleanse is the vital second step in my routine. Without this, I don't think I would've lost as much weight. Getting rid of all the toxins in my body made me feel great. Plus I think it made a big difference in my waistline.

I started taking this twice a day (one capsule in the morning and one in the evening) and let me tell you the results were astounding. Core Cleanse acts as a mild laxative but it helps your body expel toxic residue and built–up junk from your colon. Here's what I noticed:

  • My body expelled some very old buildup from my intestines.
  • I felt fresh, clean and more clear–headed.
  • My waistline slimmed down noticeably (even my husband noticed!)
  • My energy levels increased quite a bit, which really helps me get through the day!
  • I got the Core Cleanse a few days after the Acai and I take it twice per day. Together the two products are the ideal weight loss combination which is why I call them my “Dead Simple Diet.” You don't have to change your eating habits a bit. You will lose flab and detoxify your body, and gain extra energy at the same time. (I never got a bit of extra energy the whole time I tried Abgone .)

My results

I began to feel better – much more clear–minded and energetic – and do more exercise. I lost 19 pounds in the first three weeks and went on to lose another 26 pounds after that. It took me about 3 months to lose all 45 pounds. WAY better than my results with fad diets!

Most of us take for granted energy when we have it and I never would have thought that a simple thing like cleansing my colon would make me feel so much better. The combination of the two products seemed to bring balance to my system. I started eating more fruits and vegetables which also helped my stress levels. (I recommend this for everybody.)

Other people have tried this combination and they swear by it. People have lost forty, fifty and even 60 pounds by using both of these products. The feedback that I have received from others about their weight loss has been similar to my story. They found that by using the combination they lost more weight than when using just one product by itself. I'll tell you, I think Abgone is child's play compared to this system!

If you have weight to lose and you have tried other things you owe it to yourself to try this combination. It isn’t another lose fat quick scheme nor is it something that will make you take the weight off quickly. It is more a way to supplement what you are already doing without the worry of finding time to do exercise.

I can tell you that I am feeling healthier than I have ever felt. My husband says that I am sexier and I have more confidence in myself. My weight loss has allowed me to be more active with the kids and actually have the energy to do more with them. I also like the fact that I am getting out more with my friends. I guess I never knew how much that extra 45 pounds was prohibiting me from having fun.

9 Most Recent Comments:

On Wednesday February 19th, 2020, Rachel said:

left quoteMy friend just told me about your system, Angelina. She lost 13 pounds so far and she's so excited. I can't wait to try this!!!.right quote
On Wednesday February 19th, 2020, Jessie said:

left quoteI've spent hours and hours on the stairmaster and jogging trying to get rid of this flab around my middle. I feel like I've done a million sit–ups. My doctor tells me I have a slow metabolism and I just don't use up calories as fast as most people. I'm going to try your double diet and see if it helps. I promise I'll write you back if it works for me. Thank you.right quote
On Wednesday February 19th, 2020, sara said:

left quoteYou are so brafve to talk about your struggles in public. I have also fought for a long time to los weight and I even tried Abgone like you did and it didnt work for me at all. I will try the things that worked for you. I really hope that they work as well for me as they work for you..right quote
On Wednesday February 19th, 2020, auburn_grrl said:

left quoteI'm so glad somebody else has discovered Acai Balance! I used it to help me get rid of my “freshman fifteen” and now all my friends use it too. It's fantastic at giving you energy and keeping you going. I have not heard of the other product you mentioned but I will try it.

I don't know why anyone would use any other kind of weight loss plans or diets when the people who make these will let you try them for free. Well I am going to try the colon cleanse too. Thank you!!!!right quote

On Wednesday February 19th, 2020, Angelina responded:

left quoteJessie, good luck to you!

Sara, thanks for writing. I know it is a struggle, it is a struggle for all of us, but if we share our success stories and even failures with each other how can we go wrong? We girls have to help each other out!

Auburn_grrl, how long did you have to use Acai Balance before you started losing weight? I'm glad to hear from other people who have tried these great products!right quote

On Wednesday February 19th, 2020, Lourdes Navarro said:

left quoteI will be sure to let you know how well this works for me. I may start my very own blog. You are so inspirational!right quote
On Wednesday February 19th, 2020, debbie said:

left quoteI want to go down to a size 10 before my wedding. Do you think I can do it? I want to look great for my husband–to–be and in my wedding pictures too! I don't know if I sould order my dress now in my size (16) or should I wait after trying these diet? I really really want to lose weight bad. Do you think it will work for me too?right quote
On Wednesday February 19th, 2020, Angelina responded:

left quoteThank you Lourdes. You should definitely do a blog when you get the products! I wish I had.

Debbie, I think you can do it. You should try the products (why not? They're free trial!) Be sure to order your dress in plenty of time. Remember that a good seamstress can alter it for you!right quote

On Wednesday February 19th, 2020, Madeline said:

left quoteI tried Abgone too and let me tell you I didn't see a bit of change. Nothing. I should've just flushed the money down the toilet.

But Acai has been all over the news and even the magazines I read. Everyone talks about how great it is for losing weight. I have been a little sfraid to try it but after reading your story I am going to try it today.

Thank you for giving me hope!right quote

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